MAJA Studio is an independent design studio and online art store owned and operated by Manuela Jarry. Individuals and designers alike are welcome to browse the art store for a quick-ship painting, check out the portfolio for inspiration or get in touch to order some custom work for their design project.

Manuela also offers custom surface design: From rugs to wallpaper, fabric, to painted furniture or murals and licensed designs.

M A N U E L A   J A R R Y

Manuela Jarry, also known as MAJA is a professional artist based in La Prairie, Quebec. Her love of the arts was apparent early on and she was encouraged to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. She studied Fine Arts at Champlain College, St-Lambert and went on to Concordia University in Montreal, where she specialized in Painting and Drawing.  She has since then taken many workshops, such as screen-printing, encaustic painting, textile design and more in and around the Montreal area.

She was always drawn to the technical aspects of the different mediums she used, and is a firm believer that it's only with practice that one can truly find their artistic voice. It was during her BFA studies that she fell in love with textile and printmaking, which she now incorporates in her work.

She is a veteran of the art department at Ren-Wil in Montreal where she creates wall decor for the international market and has work published by Winn Devon And Canadian Art Prints under the name MAJA, where her designs have been among the best selling posters for several years.  

In 2010, Manuela opened her own business in St-Constant, Quebec where she works on bespoke artwork, textile & surface designs, illustration and jewelry.  She also teaches encaustic classes in association with KAMA Pigment of Montreal. She moved MAJA Studio to her home in 2012 after the birth of her first daughter, Rosie.